Technical Data

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Flush Bottom Valves

Contains very useful information like do’s and don’ts of valves installation, operation, maintenance. Get detail information about working of flush bottom valves. Order spares for valves as per description provided in the guide.

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Tank bottom Pad Dimensions details for trouble free fitment

When you order flush bottom valves, make sure that valve you order, fits perfectly at bottom of the tank. By providing dimensions as asked in drawing, you are sure about trouble free fitment of bottom valve at bottom of the tank.

Click here to download drawing for Tank bottom Pad Dimensions details.


Tank bottom Nozzle Dimensions details for trouble free fitment

If your tank has nozzle at the bottom with which valves should fit, provide the dimensions as mentioned in the drawing.

Click here to download drawing for tank bottom Nozzle Dimensions details.


Standard End to End Dimension & Testing Procedures

Standard End to End dimensions of different type of Valve for Various standards such as ASA / Din / & BS, All in a single view, along with Test Pressure for different Rating’s.

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Flange Dimensions For Valves

A compact & Comparative Table of Flanges is Provided on a single page, which makes it very easy to select or check the Dimensional details of various Standard Flanges.

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Trim Chart

Standard Chart for selection of Trim Material as per Standard, all in a glange.

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Symbols for Industrial valves

Various industrial valves are used all over in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical plants. To make simple for you, we have compiled the symbols used for various different types of industrial valves. You will find symbols for gate valves, globe valves, and other valves. Majority of engineering consultant use these symbols in P& I Diagram as well as in plant drawings.

Click here to download symbols used for various different types of industrial valves.


Application of valves

Valves are provided in a pipe line according to their usage & placation. The details are provided in the attached sheet.

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Material Composition

Valves are offered in different metallurgy as per the requirements, please check the chemical composition for different materials in the attached sheet.

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Pressure & Temperature Ratings

For Different metallurgy & different class of valves, specific Pressure & temperature ratings are worked out, attached is the same.

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List Of Customers

List of few of our customers is attached herewith, who uses products supplied by “IVE”.

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